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Erdoğan Kalay

San Metal Managing Director

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San Metal Success Story

Before starting to use MAS+, we used to track manufacturing with conventional manual methods at our establishment. These human-dependent methods are naturally susceptible to errors; therefore, significant unproductiveness and errors were very common, which led to loss of significant time. With MAS+, we were able to digitally monitor data and secure the entire internal information flow in a paperless manner, making the data accessible from anywhere. We can also refer to MAS+ as a platform that positively affected our sustainability policy’s impact on the environment. While its direct integration with the energy monitoring and analysis platform we use saves energy, the ability to directly intervene with the machine in case of instant variations helps us considerably in minimizing production losses.

I can say that the user-friendly interface of MAS+ and its full integration with all the digital systems already in use at our establishment were the main reasons we opted for MAS+. Furthermore, instant accessibility of the entire production history contributes significantly to our company’s digital twin in terms of big data. The forecasting infrastructure based on the interpretation of these data results in higher productivity in manufacturing.

At this point, as we visualize the data using Microsoft’s Power BI tool that works in full integration with MAS+, we can also get AI-backed answers to questions we ask in colloquial language. I can say that these characteristics that have a considerable impact on correct decision-making are now indispensable for us. Other advantages of the platform include its cloud integration, as well as document and KPI tracking and push notifications.

Egebimtes and MAS+ technical support team have always made us feel their support at every moment we needed with the innovative solution suggestions and their prompt returns ever since the installation. Together, we carried out a need-based product installation and process management. We exchanged ideas about possible improvements and implemented them quickly. In a short period of time, Egebimtes became one of the key business partners of our establishment as a reliable technology partner. I would like to take this opportunity to thank them sincerely.

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Project Description

San Metal Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş.
Main Area of Activity: White Goods
Version: MAS 4.0
Number of Work center: 45
Project Period: 2021
Project Duration: 6 Months