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Orhan Holding Success Story

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Ali Çetinbulut

ORHAN HOLDING Vice President of IT and Executive Committee Member

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Orhan Holding Success Story

Being a global company operating in the automotives industry, selection of the manufacturing execution system was a strategic decision for us. MAS + stood out as a more feasible solution due to its cost and flexibility advantages among the products we compared for building an effective system. For us, important criteria included that the solution would run with cloud technology and thus not require separate cost items for each production facility, and that it would be able to respond to potential local needs that could emerge in 14 countries where we have production facilities. Simple user interfaces and MAS+’s entailing many processes we needed provided us with the opportunity to introduce the system quickly.

“Continuous improvement” is one of our corporate values. Thus, it is pivotal for us to ensure productivity on the shop floor, to more effectively measure and improve quality and capacity values. MAS+ produced all the relative solutions we needed. We have digitized our communication with our operators by way of the screens installed in production cells. We acquired the capability to connect to production and testing equipment alike, and were able to get all the data we wanted. Hence, we have automatized data collection and acquired full control over production processes. We have increased the efficiency of all shop teams with the real-time performance reporting to production operators and real-time issue alerts to quality and maintenance teams. The efficiency of our quality control processes was also enhanced. There were improvements both in our financials and customer satisfaction thanks to our new manufacturing execution system.

We have transformed a project that was vital for us into a success story without struggling thanks to the commitment and mastery of the entire team. The long track record of developing management execution system solutions of the MAS+ team equipped them with a significant production and project experience. These experiences helped them provide us with different ideas in the system design phase. They were able to come up with solution suggestions to all the technical problems the project presented. Their strong ownership of the project from day one was another factor that led us to success. The team more than displayed the flexibility or devotion to take the project further. In line with our company’s motto spelled out as “Advancing Together”, the teams helped one another advance in each stage of the project. I thank the entire project team for their contributions.

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Project Description

Orhan Holding
Main Area of Activity: Automotive
Version: MAS 4.0
Number of Work center: 200
Project Period: 2021
Project Duration: 6 Months