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Manage your plant through a single window while you monitor your production down to the last detail.

MAS+ can be built in line with the requirements of your plant owing to its flexible and modular infrastructure. As you focus on your work and processes, we carry your plant to the digital. We convert data into information using the infrastructure to be built to ensure you monitor, analyze, plan, manage and optimize your production processes on a real-time and accurate basis.

Key Set Module

1 Temel Set Modulu

This contains OEE Calculations, selection of work order, stops / scrap work, instantaneous monitoring, basic reporting, parametric data definition and binding functions.

Call Management Module

3 Cagri Yonetimi Modulu

Instant call demands are generated from the production field to the units such as maintenance, quality, management, warehouse, etc. The person receiving the call can start and end the intervention. Automatic call can be generated at the start of stops. Intervention and solution times are monitored right from the generation of call and any time differences are reported. Lifecycle of call is followed.

Document Management Module

5 Dokuman Yonetimi Modulu 1

Media such as technical drawings, product image, maintenance, OHS directive, personnel images, etc. regarding the work center or work order can be uploaded on the system. The user can have access to the images and play the videos of products in the work order or regarding the work center. This module can work in integration with the document management systems.

Checklist Management Module

Kontrol Liste Yonetimi Modulu

It is ensured for the user to perform instant checks before starting production or at the stage of completion by identifying routine checks such as occupational health and safety, 5S, etc. The records are monitored instantaneously and reported retroactively.

ERP Integration Module

ERP Entegrasyonu Modulu

Bidirectional integration can be enabled using all ERP systems. Inventory and production orders are received periodically from the ERP system and then the production notices can be returned periodically. Information such as inventory card, personnel information, stops, scrap and work center identification can be obtained periodically from ERP. In addition to the standard module, product index, operation descriptions, raw material serial / lot information, creation of serials / lots in production, instant production confirmations can be integrated bidirectionally with ERP. The frequency of such integration can be raised to real-time instantaneous level.

3rd Party Software Integration Module

3. Parti Yazilim Entegrasyonu Modulu

This is the module allowing for the integration with application used other than ERP, such as maintenance management, warehouse management, documentation management, PACS (Personnel Attendance Control System), etc.

Instant Data Collection Module

Anlik Veri Toplama Modulu

This allows for integrating the data collected instantaneously from the production  field by way of flexible data collection system into MAS. Data such as temperature, pressure, weight, testing values, power consumption, etc. can be collected from the field in addition to the running / downtime data of machinery.

Output Transfer Module

Output Gonderim Modulu

This allows for transferring the output created by MAS+ to machines and other systems.

Process Control Records Collection Module

Proses kontrol Kayit Toplama Modulu

This is the module in which the checks and periods required according to the quality plan are identified. Measurement values are entered in the system at related control times. Any delayed controls or values out of tolerances are determined to initiate warning mechanisms. It enables the management of input and final processes.

Equipment / Mold Compliance and Lifetime Monitoring Module

Ekipman Kalip Uyum ve Omur Takibi Modulu

This allows for the verification of the use of molds or equipment identified in the work order by the operator. Warning mechanisms are initiated in case of noncomplying matches. Circulation, number of cells and lifetime overruns for the molds are monitored. This module can work in integration with the maintenance management systems.

Operational Safety Incidents Monitoring Module

Is Guvenligi Olay Takip Modulu

This is the module allowing from the recording of occupational accidents, incidents or official reports as well as the accident-cause analysis and reporting infrastructure.

Employee Monitoring PACS Integration Module

6 Bilesen Dogrulama ve Tuketim Takip Fonksiyonu

This allows for the determination of any employee present / absent for the shift in integration with the PACS system and for instant monitoring of any employees that initiate the work / are inactive / during downtime.

Line / Station Management Module

hat istasyon

This is the set of functions managing the production data of lines and sub-stations in enterprises manufacturing within the line /  station model.

FaceProduction Warning Service Module (SaaS)

FaceProduction Uyari Servisi Modulu Saas

This is the service sending required notifications to predefined users in case of the realization of scenarios identified by the user.

Business Intelligence – Further Reporting Module

Is Zekasi Ileri Raporlama Modulu

customers and specially designed reports. The user can have access to the database to arrange the reports or prepare new reports.

Dynamic Andon Module

2 Dinamik Andon Modulu

This allows for the user to manage the displays in the production field on a flexible basis. In addition to the standard indication, the user can dynamically manage the information displayed and can share different information on the displays.

Power Consumption Monitoring Module

5 Dokuman Yonetimi Modulu

Power consumption values can be collected and both monitored instantaneously and reported retroactively. In case of determining any anomalies, an alarm is generated and can be intervened proactively. Furthermore, calculations can be made on details transferred to power cost per unit product allowing for the plants to make accurate costing and thus get ahead in terms of competition.

Component Verification and Consumption Monitoring Function

6 Bilesen Dogrulama ve Tuketim Takip Fonksiyon

Finished or semi-finished products transferred to respective operations are controlled based on the product recipe, ensuring that the operation is performed in accordance with the recipe. Consumption of correct components and consumption quantities of components are checked. Furthermore, retroactive traceability is ensured. This also allows for monitoring as to processes are performed in the production of finished products and which finished or semi-finished product is consumed (used) in the production of which product in such operations.

Labelling Module

Etiket Basma Modulu

Product / case / pallet labels can be printed. Also, separate labels can be printed for products sorted out as wastage. Such labels can further be used for verification purposes in following operations. The labels can be arranged based on the products if necessary in line with the operational sensitivity. By this means, each product would have an individual code enabling traceability based on product.

Polyvalency (Competence) Control Module

Polivalans Yetkinlik kontrol Modulu

Polyvalency is the degrees of competence of operators on the machine they use or the work they perform. The competence of operator related with the performance of work or use of machine is controlled prior to initiating the work order.

Setup Management Module

Setupp yonetim Modulu

This module allows for the control of setup parameters at the start of production as determined based on the work center.

Previous Operation Completion Function

Onceki Operasyon Tamamlanma Kontrolu Fonksiyonu

This allows for checking that the semi-finished product to be used in a specific operation is passed after the completion of correct operation at the start of that operation, ensuring that any possible faults in such product are prevented. The use of faulty or incomplete products is eliminated.

Inter-Operational Automatic Wastage Management Function

Otomasyon ve barkod ile ekipman dogrulama fonksiyonu

Scraps can be determined automatically using the error codes acquired by means of sensors placed in specific points of machines or lines. During this process, products are controlled using tools such as cameras or weighers in addition to the data acquired from machines automatically, allowing for creating the scrap automatically. Operators are not required to enter scraps also manually.

Primary Lot Confirmation Monitoring Function

Ilk Lot onay takibi fonksiyonu

The product is checked in line with the parameters set forth at the start of production. Serial production is initiated afterwards. This ensures that faulty production is eliminated and scrap quantity is reduced.

Equipment Verification Function By Way Of Automation And Barcode

Operasyonlar arasi Otomatik fire yonetimi fonksiyonu

The components such as sets, blades of mold planned to be used in related production are controlled prior to production.

Production Monitoring Function By Way Of Multiple Units

Coklu birim ile uretim takip fonksiyonu

Production can be monitored in many different units. Such units may be piece, package, parcel, etc. It is possible to display the data of same production obtained from different units simultaneously.

Automatic Stop Management Function

Otomatik durus yonetimi fonksiyonu

Stops are detected and can be initiated or ended automatically by means of the signals obtained from machines. The system is switched to stop automatically in case of failure to produce a product within the periods specified based on the cycle time defined in the system. This allows for triggering the alarm and action mechanisms associated with the stop code. Furthermore, when a production signal generated from a machine at stop, the machine switches to “in production” status again.

Plate Cutting Management Function

Plaka kesim yonetimi fonksiyonu

Multiple work orders can be continued simultaneously during production in laser cut machines. The products identified on a plate in line with such work orders are sorted in the most productive way, targeting at maximizing the production productivity.

Dyehouse Monitoring Model Function

Boyahane takip modeli fonksiyonu

The products placed on racks are monitored by way of the tracing at the entry and exit of the dyehouse. This allows for measuring the productivity of dyehouse.