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MAS+ for SMEs

With its solutions that provide higher added-value and productivity in the Industry 4.0 journey, MAS+ helps build on the competitive strength of SMEs and increase the digitalization rate in the industry.

Its flexibility makes MAS+ ideal for SMEs. As MAS+ is technically configured according to the organization’s existing needs and circumstances, projects can be put into service as quickly as within several weeks. The leasing model, on the other hand, minimizes the financial burden upon SMEs.

Industry 4.0 Infrastructure

Build the infrastructure and culture while lowering initial investment cost.


Digitally collect and monitor the data from the shop floor.


Roll out the system across the organization according to your needs.


Include additional modules and functions in the system.

Worth the transformation

Choose the suitable one from out of the models developed for you and take control of production from day 1.

My Factory on My Mobile – Shop Floor Tracking

Üretim sahasından kağıdı çıkarın. Üretiminizi dijital ortamda yönetin.

  • Unlimited users – 10 work centers
  • Production efficiency, quality and performance monitoring
  • Call Management
  • Document Management
  • Control List Management
  • Reporting and Monitoring

My Factory on My Mobile – Machine Tracking

Create your digital factory infrastructure integrated with the machines.

  • Benefit from all the properties of S-MAS Shop Floor Monitoring system
  • Shop floor data collection
  • Instant monitoring of machines
  • Advanced analysis and reporting