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Ata Caner Çerçioğlu

Jantsa Board Member

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Jantsa Success Story

A major problem we had on the Production and Planning front was that work orders created on ERP could not be instantly viewed on the shop floor and the actual production on the shop floor was not instantly reflected on ERP. For digitalization of production, it was important for us to undertake paperless production, eliminate human errors from the generated data and automatize data generation. Following a thorough analysis, we got rid of these issues thanks to the integration we secured between ERP and MAS+, and started following up our shop floor live. In addition to that, the capability to instantly view performance, availability, quality, OEE, downtimes and calls and to take action quickly affected our processes positively and eliminated the issues we had before.

One of the main reasons we chose MAS+ was the remarkably good command the Sales and Analysis team had of the subject; the team was able to analyze our processes and needs adeptly to offer the right and effective solution, and helped us select the right products by employing their experience in all aspects including PLC, cabling, touch computers and so on. Other important factors behind our decision to choose MAS+ included the fact that the basic configuration of MAS+ can be developed to respond to specific needs in our processes, its powerful integrability with ERPs, and the feedbacks we got from references.

At companies manufacturing around the clock like us, it is crucial that the systems run smoothly, that operators can focus on their work rather than deal with errors, and continuity is secured by instantly responding to potential errors or interruptions. In brief, it is crucial to carry out productive manufacturing without any downtimes. Starting a project, finalizing it and going live – this is, in fact, the easier part. The real challenge is the sustainability of the application that has gone live; its efficient use, its being available for further development and its capability to be adapted to future processes quickly. Therefore, we anticipate our solution partners to be accessible at any time of the day, any day, and we expect them to take action and extend support fastidiously in case of a problem. This is actually the answer to the question “What does the MAS+ team do differently?”. I would like to thank the MAS+ team for being by our side night and day, demonstrating a true team spirit and extending their support from the moment we started the project.

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Project Description

Jantsa Jant Sanayi Ve Ticaret A.Ş.
Main Area of Activity: Automotive
Version: MAS 4.0
Number of Work center: 650
Project Period: 2016
Project Duration: 10 Months