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Innovative Aspects

With its flexible and modular infrastructure, MAS+ can be modelled according to your needs, while minimising project costs and ensuring that your demands are resolved in the fastest way possible.

The modular structure of MAS+ allows it to be configured flexibly according to user demands. While this helps shorten the project period, it can be quickly adapted in line with needs and demands. Its modular structure enables MAS+ to be used independent of sector and to cater to user demands without giving rise to additional costs.

The flexible integration capability effectively involves other solutions already in place at the organization within the system. The goal is not to change the existing structure, but to render it more productive and to improve their usability by incorporating the existing investments in the system. In this sense, shaping of MAS+ for different purposes is prevented and other vertical solutions including MAS+ run as a whole.

In addition, MAS+ has a web-based and hardware-independent (device-independent) infrastructure. It can be used as an on-site solution, and it can also be introduced as a cloud-based application, if so wished. It can run on any browser without installation, and as such, it allows existing infrastructure investments to be made use of. This is targeted at reducing the infrastructure investment necessary for the project.

MAS+ presents its users with a flexible layer also for shop floor data collection. The data collection method can be formulated flexibly and in various combinations depending on the manufacturing pattern and the capabilities of the machinery on the shop floor. Manufacturing durations, machinery on/off data, production quantity and numerous process parameters that affect the manufacturing process or the product quality can also be collected using these methods. Besides the machinery data, energy consumption, weight measurement, ambient temperature/humidity data, image processing data, test values are included in other information that can be included in the system.

Its character as an integrator drove Egebimtes to create an ecosystem in relation to Industry 4.0, which resulted in the establishment of business partnerships that are able to respond to clients’ needs for their digitalization processes. Business partnerships have been built for line and machinery automation projects, scheduling and optimization, enhanced/virtual reality, digital factory twin, business intelligence, warehouse automation, PLM, person and object tracking and similar solutions.

On top of all these alternatives, MAS+ offers users flexible financial models for owning the system. Besides a regular purchasing process, users can start enjoying the power of MAS+ by opting for buying the product on credit or leasing model.

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