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Infrastructure and Topology

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Infrastructure and Topology

MAS+ offers an infrastructure built upon the principle of flexibility. The system comprises of different components for shop floor data collection, machine data collection, analysis & reporting, monitoring & warning systems, and integration. Topology and architecture are configured in line with the production infrastructure and requirements.

Operators’ operational processes are managed via the Information Technology (IT) network and information flow occurs on the system.

An OT (operational technology) network is created for machine connectivity and data collection.

Independent layers converge on the server. Distributed architecture provides expansion and integration with new systems.

The systems offers users a flexible area with respect to IT. MAS+ gives access to the system from any device (tablet, phone, computer, industrial PC) owing to its hardware-independent, web-based infrastructure.

MAS+ can be installed either on cloud or in the factory’s existing data center at the organization’s choice.

Flexible data collection capability allows MAS+ to collect and evaluate all kinds of data on the shop floor. Every data source (sensors, relays, PLC, analyzers, scales, cameras, etc.) on the floor can communicate with MAS+.

Similarly, its integrability lets MAS+ communicate with other systems used in the organization (Warehouse Automation System, Document Management System, Maintenance Management System, Quality Management System, Planning System, PACS (Personnel Attendance Control System), particularly with ERP. This communication increases the effectiveness of all systems in place at the organization.

The data collected on the system is instantly available for access by users. The data simultaneously transforms into information and allows prevention of problems before they occur owing to proactive response capability.

Its integrability ensures singularity of data and allows centralized management of information.

Bilateral communication infrastructure established with the field provides a communication with machines that goes beyond data collection, minimizes human intervention and lets autonomous execution of processes.

Analytical reporting capability of the system supports decision-making mechanisms, creates a corporate information pool, enables data-driven management, and promotes continuous improvement.

As MAS+ brings all these components together under a single roof to ensure digital management of production, it offers a holistic approach that creates a sustainable infrastructure, customer satisfaction and competitive advantage.