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MAS+ is a Smart Factory Solution that saves you speed, efficiency and time on your Industry 4.0 journey and enables you to manage your production processes more effectively. With MAS+, you can increase your production efficiency, quality and performance with your installed capacity in challenging market conditions.

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Prepare the materials for the next work order.

The pallet is full, take it to the warehouse.

Waiting for first-lot approval.

Fluctuations in temperature and energy consumption values have been detected.

There is oscillation, maintenance is necessary.

Production atmospheric conditions are suitable.

Trigger the supermarket kanban card.

There is no production, shut me down.

In the production area

  • Which machine is running?
  • Which machine is stopped?
  • Which machine is under maintenance?
  • What is the OEE percentage?
  • What is the production quantity?

I am behind the production plan, open an extra shift.

I am on standby. Waiting for the intervention of the maintenance team.

The job started without taking occupational safety measures.

Unauthorized usage has been detected.

The tool tip/mold life is about to expire.

The used mold is incompatible with the material.

Verify the components.

An increase in quality measurements has been detected. Check it.

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Paradigm Shift in Manufacturing

Industry 4.0 is giving rise to a brand new world; we are laying the foundations of the future with MAS+.


• Increased competition, shrank profit margins
• Customer satisfaction (evolving consumer behavior, shorter manufacturing periods)
• New Regulations

01 Problem
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  • Real-time data collection
  • Loss analysis, proactive action
  • Flexible production and automation


  • Digital and transparent production
  • Increased productivity and quality
  • Competitive advantage
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Success Stories

What do we offer?

With its flexible and modular infrastructure, MAS+ can be modelled according to your needs, while minimising project costs and ensuring that your demands are resolved in the fastest way possible.

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