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Benefits Of Mas+

MAS+ is a Smart Factory Solution that provides speed, efficiency and time saving in your digital transformation journey and helps you manage your production processes more effectively.

arka fon video

Prepare the materials for the next work order.

The pallet is full, take it to the warehouse.

Waiting for first-lot approval.

Fluctuations in temperature and energy consumption values have been detected.

There is oscillation, maintenance is necessary.

Production atmospheric conditions are suitable.

Trigger the supermarket kanban card.

There is no production, shut me down.

In the production area

  • Which machine is running?
  • Which machine is stopped?
  • Which machine is under maintenance?
  • What is the OEE percentage?
  • What is the production quantity?

I am behind the production plan, open an extra shift.

I am on standby. Waiting for the intervention of the maintenance team.

The job started without taking occupational safety measures.

Unauthorized usage has been detected.

The tool tip/mold life is about to expire.

The used mold is incompatible with the material.

Verify the components.

An increase in quality measurements has been detected. Check it.

01 aktif

You can monitor the productivity, quality and performance metrics of your operators and machines in real time.

02 veri toplama

You can collect the data that will contribute value to your organization from your machines.

03 sahadakirobot

You can remotely communicate with your on-site robots and machines and exchange data.

04 uretim sahasi

You can eliminate paper use in the production site and provide digital flow of the right information in the shop floor.

05 her an heryerden erisebilirsiniz

You can access the system any time, from anywhere and follow up your production on real-time basis.

06 alarm

You can generate an automatic alert upon detection of an irregularity and prevent the problem before it occurs.

07 uretim sahasi izleme

You can create the shop floor traceability infrastructure and perform route, recipe, operation completion controls.

08 enerji tuketimi

You can follow up energy consumption data, and calculate energy cost per product while precluding unnecessary consumption.

09 depo

You can run maintenance, warehouse, quality and similar processes on the system, and minimize the response time by ensuring the operator’s access to information or department asap.

10 sahadaki is sagligi

You can digitally manage occupational health and safety measures on site and make sure that necessary steps have been taken for production continuity.

11 heryer erisim

You can access the system from any device, whether it be a tablet, phone or computer.

12 sistem yetki tanimlama

You can perform authorizations in the system and also distribute tasks in line with the capabilities (polyvalence) of operators.

13 kalite surecleri

You can digitally manage your quality processes, track the movements in quality metrics, and prevent quality problems before they occur.

15 Is emrine iliskin kalip

You can perform the mold/equipment check for the work order, and follow-up the lifetime of equipment such as mold or fly cutter.

1 Akilli Fabrika

16 veriyi donusturme

You can transform the collected data into benefit quickly.

17 uretim sureci sorun

You can provide the flow of unmanipulated data in your production process and minimize the human factor.

18 entegre yapi

You can create an integrated structure to increase the effectiveness of diverse systems used across the organization and provide digital flow of data.

19 Sistemi operator

You can run the system in a lean manner that is fit for operator use, automatize processes, eliminate recurrent procedures and also flexibly configure the system in line with your organization’s needs.

22 Sistemin etkin sekilde kullanimi

You can instantly follow up, report and improve the plan versus actuals using the data-driven business model.

20 Veri odakli calisma

While the data stored in the system minimizes human-dependency, it ensures the creation of corporate knowledge and paves the way for sustainability and continuous improvement.

21 Sistem uzerinde tutulan

By actively using the system, you can enhance customer satisfaction and get one step ahead of the competition amid the tough market conditions.