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About MAS+

MAS+ is a Smart Factory System designed with the vision of pioneering the digital transformation process triggered by Industry 4.0. Developed in 2006, our proprietary Smart Factory Solution MAS+ quickly reached a broad user group across the country and has evolved into a leading solution in its respective domain. MAS+ has been an enabler of successful projects particularly in the automotive, white goods, defense industry and aviation, food, medical, machinery production and plastics industries along with every other field of manufacturing.

The main aim is to help organizations achieve higher production efficiency, enhanced quality and increased performance making use of their installed capacities, without an additional machinery or resource investment amid the competitive market conditions. First, shop floor data is collected digitally on real-time basis. A paperless production environment is created.


 Data precision and digital data flow are ensured. The data collected is processed into information at a faster pace. Information becomes accessible 24/7, any time, from anywhere. The production flow becomes digitalized, autonomous, transparent and traceable. MAS + produces corporate knowledge, memory and maturity. The acquired knowledge bolsters decision support mechanisms and paves the way for sustainability and continuous improvement.

Its infrastructure built upon the principle of flexibility maximizes the ability of MAS+ to cater to user needs. The system can be configured end-to-end flexibly through every step from the digital modeling of on-site production flows to data collection and machine data acquisition (MDI) techniques, to data storage, data processing and integration with peripheral systems. In other words, MAS + can be set up at a spot of choice, can be accessed from any device such as tablets, phones or computers, can be used to create the bilateral communication infrastructure with the field by collecting data from each machine or production point on the shop floor, and can be integrated with the existing or future systems planned to be set up in the factory, thus further increasing and strengthening the efficiency of these investments.

Besides the technical difference it creates, MAS +secures high customer satisfaction and added value in projects thanks to +30 years of experience in the manufacturing industry, far-reaching service network, and the deep-rooted business partner structure in its ecosystem. 

We are devising our future strategy and goals so as to be on top of our business, shift the paradigms and keep our team engaged. We are targeting to become a globally influential actor in our field by contributing value to our business through acquiring vertical specialization in our lines of work on the one hand, while ensuring seamless execution of day-to-day operations for our stakeholders on the back of our expanding team and broadening service network. As we build our team of players having expertise in their respective fields, we are also charging ahead with our R&D efforts on the technology front in various areas such as cyber/physical systems and automation, wearable technology, enhanced/virtual reality, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.